Your Story is Important!

The World Needs Your Voice.

I believe women have deep, powerful wisdom to share and our voices need to be heard. It is through our women’s wisdom and our Divine Feminine perspective that we can bring positive change to the world.

We can do this by writing our stories, expressing our expertise and wisdom, and sharing our experiences. There are other women who need to hear what we have to say!

The gatekeepers of traditional publishing stifle women’s voices. Many times, they see our stories and the way we tell them as not as valid or valuable as those told by men. Publishers tell us our stories are inconsequential, or people don’t want or need to hear about our abuse and how we survived. They tell us how we solved our problems or met our challenges with the help of our community or through our connection to Spirit isn’t inspirational. All because we didn’t follow the hero’s journey of doing it alone.

In fiction, women tend to write following the heroine’s journey. This story structure emphasizes shared power and community rather than the hero’s journey of going it alone. Critics look down upon these stories, and many times, discounted as inconsequential (even though romance is the best-selling genre).

Our stories are important. We perceive the world differently. For the most part, women prefer to work together to solve a problem; we like to share “power,” and we seek to include others.

It is a myth perpetuated by the patriarchy that women cut each other down. The women I know love to lift each other up and support each other. Our stories reflect those values.

Women perceive the world in a more holistic, and often, spiritual manner and this means our wisdom and knowledge takes a different form and path than men.

It is through relationships and community we find and experience empowerment. We draw from these experiences to write our nonfiction books and stories, and because we do, they inspire and powerfully connect us with other women.

Your story, the way the muse is bringing it to you, is important and needs to be shared! That story, that book, in your heart is there for a reason. You have something other women need to hear, to read, to experience.

Your healing of deep, internal trauma can help other women heal as well. We don’t live in a vacuum. What you experienced and went through, odds are, many other women have lived through the same trauma. Frequently, as you write about your challenges, you discover additional healing.

You can share your experience and wisdom as a nonfiction story or as a fiction story. Both forms are a good way to reach other women.

I believe women’s voices and wisdom will lead the change to bring the world into one where harmony, equality, community, respect, balance, and unity are normal.

We can do this through bypassing the traditional gatekeepers and independently publishing our stories and books.

It is so empowering to have complete control over our intellectual property. As an independent (or indie) publisher, you have the power to tell your story the way you want and need to tell it.

You won’t have a publisher tell you your story isn’t wanted or needed.

You don’t need to take the journey of writing and publishing your story or book by yourself.

As a book doula coach, I guide, inspire, and empower women to write and publish their stories and books. I work with you from conception (inception and planning), during gestation (writing), and through birth (publishing).

Every step of the process, I support you and believe in you, even when you doubt yourself.


Have you considered writing a book or story (fiction or nonfiction) to share your life experience, your expertise, your wisdom, or your healing, but are scared to even start?

Now is the time!

Take the first step, and book a discovery session with me to see if we are a good fit. I’d love to help you share your story or book with the world!

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