If you are an author, who is or wants to self-publish, and wants to know how to run their business better, this podcast is for you!

On this limited series podcast, we talk about the business of self-publishing, or as I prefer to call it, indie publishing. As an indie author, you have entered the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. This may be your first venture, and you feel like you’re in dangerous, unknown waters. Or you’ve been publishing for awhile, and want to know how to run your business better.

Fantasy author and author business coach, Tora Moon, guides you through the rocky waters of the indie publishing industry. She shares business basics and principles you can apply to your author business and interviews other indie authors, who share their experiences and expertise.

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 14 - The Balance Sheet
Episode 14 - The Balance Sheet
Episode 14 - The Balance Sheet

Bonus Episodes: Indie Author Biz Tips


Short episodes (5 minutes or less) with quick tips for your author business, really any business.