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Using Human Design Authority in Your Writing


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I’ve become obsessed with Human Design, and especially how authors can use it their writing and business! Our Human Design can help us in our author business, as well as in our daily lives. In this episode, I talk about how you can use your Human Design authority in choosing your next project or book idea to write, or to make any decision.

It may make more sense for you if you have your Human Design chart, or body graph. You can obtain your free chart at: HumanDesignHive.com.

Episode Chapters

0:00 This week’s episode
2:17 Welcome to the Podcast
3:06 Know Yourself to Succeed
4:38 What is Human Design?
7:59 My Human Design Background
9:00 Understanding Others & Your Characters
12:02 Using Our Human Design Authority
14:28 The Six Human Design Authorities
14:52 Spleen Authority
15:50 Sacral Authority
17:01 Emotional Authority
19:16 Ego Authority
19:45 Self-Directed or Inner Authority
21:40 Lunar Authority
23:06 Use Your Authority to Choose Your Project
24:33 How to Use Your Authority in Your Writing
28:00 Practice Using Your Authority
30:26 Conclusion


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Transcript – Episode 15


Welcome to this week’s episode of the Indie Author Biz Guide Podcast. I’ve become obsessed with Human Design. I absolutely love this system of self-knowledge and what it can do for you. And I’ve been really exploring lately of how it can be used by authors in their writing and in our author business. And in this episode, I talk about how you can use your human design authority in choosing your next project or book to write or how to make any decision.

Now, if you’re not familiar with human design, you get what’s called a body graph, and that shows you kind of like astrology. In fact, some of it is based on astrology. But it also uses I-Ching and other systems, the chakra system as well. It’s a really integrated system of self-knowledge and self-transformation. And if you don’t have your body graph, you might want to have yours available as I talk through this so you can get an idea of what your authority is.

To get your human design body graph for free, at Human Design Hive dot com. There’s three pieces that you need for your to get your human design body graph pretty much the same thing that you need to get your astrology run. You need your birthdate, your birth time, and the place where you were born. And for your time, if you don’t have it, then you can ask your parents or family members, if they remember if you were born in the morning or in the afternoon or late at night. And if it’s within a two hour or even a four hour timeframe, it’s pretty close. It’s best if you can get the exact time, but it’s pretty close, if you can get within like a 2 to 4 hour timeframe.

Pause the podcast, go there. Human Design hive dot com and get your body graph and then start the podcast again.


Welcome to the Indie Author Biz Guide podcast. I’m Tora Moon, genre bending fantasy and sci fi author, indie business author, and entrepreneur. Here we talk about the business of self-publishing, or as I prefer to call it, Indie publishing. As an indie author, you have entered the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. On this show, I guide you through the rocky waters of the indie publishing industry.

I share business basics and principles you can apply to your author business, really, any business. You can download your free indie author business checklist, find additional resources, and the show notes at Indie Author Biz Guide dot com and now here’s today’s episode.


Know Yourself!


In episode four, we talked about what you need for success and in that list that I gave you, if you haven’t downloaded that yet, you can, and the link is in the show notes. Item ten is knowing yourself, and it’s really important to know yourself so that you are writing and doing your author business in the way that’s right for you. Because what’s right for me is not going to be right for you.

Our human design can be really beneficial for this, not only in knowing our profile and our type.

My type is a projector. There’s also a generator, manifesting generator, or a manifester, and one of the rarest is a reflector. And each of those types have certain ways that we access and use energy. And I’ll talk about that in another episode. This episode is about how we can use our authority, and that’s the way we make decisions.

And our human design can help us with that because we all don’t make decisions the same way. Some of us need to think about it. Some of us need to feel into it. Some of us know right then and there. They’re the ones that saying, “Just do it,” can apply to. But that’s only a small portion of the population.

The rest of us have other methods for making decisions that are right for us. And our human design authority can help us do that.


What is Human Design?


So what is human design? Human design, it kind of sounds a little woo woo, but there are things that are now coming out through psychology and science that those of us who study human design, go

“Oh, that’s human design. That’s how human design works.” Science is now catching up to proving what human design is saying. It started in the late eighties when a man named Ra Uru Hu had a enlightenment experience and this system was given to him over a series of eight intense days, I believe it is.

If you go to my friend Dana’s podcast, Human Design Hive podcast, she gives like episode two, I think it is. She gives the history of human design.

Human Design combines I-Ching, and you get to body graph, you’ll see that there’s a bunch of numbers on there. Each one of those numbers are a gate, and those gates correspond to each of the 64 lines of the I-Ching. You will also see on either side, for those watching, and I will pop up a body graph so you can see.

But on either side of the body graph you have two sets of numbers, and if you studied astrology at all, you’ll see that there are the different planets, plus Earth, that are shown on either side. The one on the right is black, which is your conscious side, what you’re aware of, and the red side is your unconscious side that you came with that is natural to you. You’re more or less unconscious about that.

You’ll also see that there are nine centers. These correspond to the seven chakras and in human design two of the chakras have broken off. One is the spleen and the solar plexus, and the other is your heart, which would be your G-center and your Will Center. If you look at the way that it’s arranged, it includes some of the things about the Kabbalah.

So it includes and integrates all of these different things that helps you learn about yourself, helps you learn about your, what in human design is called, your not self. And that’s the way you’ve been conditioned to act, that is not in your truth.

I was told all my life I was shy. No, I’m not shy. I’m a protector. And what that means is when I go into a new situation, I’ll stand back and observe what’s going on. I will observe the energy and the people in the room and how I want to interact with that energy before I say or do anything. And that comes across sometimes as shy or a bit aloof. But that’s just the way my energy works.


My Human Design Background


I’ve been studying human design really deeply for the last two years. I learned about human design nine years ago, and when I first learned about human design, one of the things that they say about projectors is our strategy is to wait for the invitation. And that did not sit well with me, who was raised in a manifester society, that says, “Just do it, just go for it.” And I never could figure out why that never worked for me. It’s because I need to wait for an invitation. But my ego, my brain, was like, how the hell am I going to do that?

And I shut it down and I just kept coming back for it and learning more because it was just so scarily accurate. The more I learned about it, the more I could see how it worked.


Understanding Others & Your Characters


And one of the things it helps you do is not only understand yourself, when you know your significant other or your children’s human design, it makes a huge difference.

I caretaker for my elderly parents, they’re in their nineties and there’s things that they’ve done that just bug the crap out of me. But by getting and knowing their human design, I can now look at that and when something’s happening with my dad, that he’s got to get up and do it right then and there. I can just laugh at myself and go, “Oh yeah, that’s just his channel of starting and completion, going at work.” And I can laugh at it and it doesn’t bug me as much because I can understand where that’s coming from. That he’s not doing it to piss me off. That’s just who he is.

And with Human Design, we can use that with our characters.

Think about that. How amazing that is to have the human design and understanding of our characters like that and how much more real we can make them. I’ve been doing that and I’ve done it with my characters in my Sentinel Witches Series. I figured out what their birthdays were and their birth times; I figured out where they were born, which is really good characterization and knowing their back story.

And then I ran their human design. It’s helped me look at their human design and where their places of conflict are, where their places of getting along can be, and where can I add a little bit of conflict.

One of the things that was totally unintentional. My main character, Sean, has a profile of a 5/1. (If you want to learn more go to my friend Dana’s podcast.) A line five is one of those projection profiles, and that’s one where people are projecting onto the person what they believe that person should be or how they can help them. One of the reviews that I got Goodreads for Sentinel Witches was talking about all of these things that Sean was doing wrong.

At first, I was like, What the heck? That’s not how I saw him. Then I thought, Oh, there’s his line five at work. That reader was projecting on to him what she thought he needed to do, whether it was the truth or not. And so his human design was affecting how his character was portrayed, totally subconsciously by me. But that’s how his character was being presented on the page and how at least one reader and I think several other readers are picking up on him is how they think he should be, not who he actually is. And that can just really bring some interesting depth.


Using Our Human Design Authority


Another way that we can use our human design is through our authority, and that is making our decisions.

In case you haven’t yet, you can go to Human Design Hive, that’s human design, H-I-V-E dot com, and get your free body graph so you can look at what your authority is and that will help it make more sense for you.

So if you’re like me as a writer, you probably have tons of ideas, of story ideas, of blog post ideas, of all sorts of different things that are just wanting to be written. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, we usually have a lot of things that are flowing through us, and then we’re trying to decide which project to work on, which to choose next, which ones right for us to do next.

In our society, we’ve been taught to use our brains. Write out the pros and cons. This is not a bad idea, but our brains cannot tell us what is right for us. They can’t make decisions. All our brains is is to process that information.

But our bodies are deeply connected to, if you want to call it your soul, your inner being, your spirit, that divine piece of us that is always connected to source, to the Goddess, to God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, that divine aspect that connects us all. And even if you don’t believe in that, our bodies connect us to that deeper, knowing that our brains can’t do.

That’s where Human Design Authority comes in. When we attune to and listen to our bodies, then we can choose and make those decisions that are right for us. And this will help us not only to decide what project to write, what blog posts to write, what course to work on, but it can help us with all of our decisions, big and little in our lives.


The Six Human Design Authorities


And there are six authorities in Human Design. And yours will be shown on your body graph, right up at the very top. Mine says Emotional Authority. So I have emotional authority.

The six authorities are your splenic, sacral, emotional ,ego, self-directed or inner authority, and lunar.


1. Spleen Authority


The splenic authority is that survival instinct. And that is, make that decision immediately because your survival is at stake. The spleen authority is that flash of, “Yes, this is for me, or, no, it isn’t.”

And that’s from your survival instincts. It pulls from that survival of I’ve got to make a decision fast, like now. Because if I don’t make a decision now, I’m going to die. And then that one, it makes its decision once. It’s Yes. No. That fast. And if you don’t listen to it, you’ve missed out.

Some people who can feel in different places of their body when that gets activated, they’ll feel that area in the body where the spleen is activate and they’ll know, oh, I can’t listen to this. Because the spleen doesn’t say it twice because if it has to say it twice, you’re probably dead in the survival instinctual world.


2. Sacral Authority


The sacral authority it’s that area that is right around your belly button area. And this actually gets verbalized for most people. They’ll have a sense of uh-huh or a yes or uh-uh, no. And it’s coming from your gut.

My granddaughter has sacral authority. She’s four and she’s in tune with her authority because she hasn’t learned yet by society how not to listen to it. So she’s listening to it. You ask her if she wants something, she’ll say, Uh-huh, uh-uh.

For sacral authority, people, the best way for them to make a decision is a yes no answer. Do you want ice cream? Uh-huh uh-uh. Do you like blue? Uh-huh uh-uh. And it’ll be, not as quite as fast as the spleen, but I’ll be pretty quick.

The body’s responding and they’re going, Oh, yes. Yeah, that’s for me. No, that’s not for me.


3. Emotional Authority


The emotional authority is getting a sense or a feel of whether it’s right or wrong for you. Quite often there’s not certainty, yes or no. It’s a kind of a maybe. It depends on what emotional wave in your Emotional Authority is defined of how long or how that works for you. But for the most part, if you have emotional authority, you need at least 24 hours to think about it, to really feel in it.

You’re not so much thinking about it with your mind, you’re feeling into it. How does it feel? If your first response was a no, does it still feel like a no, or does it still feel like a yes? If it was a maybe, how does it feel now?

For that type of authority, sometimes it’s better to ask more feeling questions and more open ended questions. How do you feel about ice cream today? Instead of, do you want ice cream? How do you feel about ice cream today? Hmm. Not feeling it today. That’s good to know. Okay, we won’t go get ice cream.

How are you feeling about writing x, y, z story? Mm hmm. Maybe. Okay. Is that idea really hitting with me? Maybe? Let me think about that. Really, it’s not think about it, because that’s how our society is telling us to do is to think about it. Let me feel about that.

This is really big for making decisions that have a high dollar amount, like taking a course. Our society has pressured us to be in the splenic authority “Just say yes, now!” That’s not how most of us make a decision. Few of us make a decision right then and there that’s right for us. We need that time. Sacral authority needs a little bit of time for the body to respond. Emotional, we need that 24 hours.


4. Ego Authority


So the next one is your ego authority, and that is which one do you want to do the most? It’s more, what do I want? What do I really, really want? Ooh, do I really want ice cream? No, no, I’m not sure I want ice cream. Ooh, yeah. Some vanilla with caramel right, now, that would be awesome.

For some reason, I have ice cream on the brain, so we’ll just stick with it.


5. Self-Directed or Inner Authority


The next one is your self-directed or inner authority. And in this case, you don’t know what you want or what you think or what you feel until you talk about it. You need to either write it out in a journal or talk to a friend about it.

You’ve got some friends that they just can’t seem to make a decision until they talk it out? Well, that’s them using their inner authority. And also, this applies somewhat to ego authority that they need to talk it out to just get that settled in what they actually want.

As someone who has self-directed or inner authority talks about it, the more they talk about it, the more certain they get if it’s say yes or no. That’s something they want to do or something that’s right for them or not.

For them, it would be, Hey, how does ice cream sound? I don’t know. They’re going to be verbalizing this, whereas some of these other is just like inner thinking. For self-directed and ego authority, they’re most likely going to verbalize and say, Hmm, I don’t know. I don’t know what I want. Do I want ice cream? I don’t know if I want ice cream. Do I want cake? Do I want pie? Hm? What kind of ice cream are you thinking about? Oooh, I’m thinking maybe strawberry ice cream, that might be good. Nah, I don’t strawberry. Chocolate? Chocolate fudge ice cream? Yeah, yeah, that’s what I want.

And so they’re verbalizing it, and they’re talking it out to find out what they want. They’re having to get this information and talk it out because they don’t have any other way of accessing it.


6. Lunar Authority


And the sixth authority is really pretty rare. There’s only about 1% of the population that has it, and that’s the Lunar authority. And it goes along with the type of reflector. And with this authority and type, they are completely open. If you saw reflectors body graph, none of the centers would be colored in.

For them, they don’t have any consistent energy in any place. You may think of them as a chameleon. That with this person, they’re this way, with this person they’re another way, so you don’t know who they really are. Well, they don’t know who they really are.

They’re reflecting back. That’s why it’s called a reflector. They’re reflecting back what’s going on around them. So for them to make a decision, they need that full lunar cycle because as the moon travels, it’ll travel through each one of those gates in that 28 cycle and they’ll be interacting with other people. And if they’re focusing on it, then by the end of that lunar cycle, that 28 days, 30 days, they’re going to be getting the clarity that they know that what’s right for them, not what’s right for all the people around them.


Use Your Authority to Choose Your Project


When you are faced with your decision of what project to work on, what one to choose next, or even what you want to work on today, if you use your authority, you can make those decisions that are right for you.

And just remember the splenic authority is our species’ default because we’ve we had it for so very long. It’s what kept us alive. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured to make a decision like this if that’s not your authority. And this is especially important when you’re choosing to do a course or program because under the bro mentality and the old mentality, it’s been, oh, you need make a decision right now. And if you don’t make a decision right now, you’re never going to make a decision.

Well, that’s not true. Give me time. I’ve got emotional authority. I need at least 24 to 48 hours, depending on where I am in my wave. Some people, they need to talk about it for a couple days. Sacral, they need to listen to their body and go over a couple days. Lunar Authority meets 28 days to make that decision.


How to Use Your Authority in Your Writing


How to use it in your writing. When you’re faced with too many choices or what project to work on next, and you’re not quite sure, and there are several different possibilities that all seem kind of right. I invite you to sit. You may want to write them down, depends on how you are. Are you visual? Do you want to write them all down so you have something to look at? Do you just think about them? Whatever is right for you.

Sit in contemplation or meditation about what those are and ask your body, ask your inner being, your, your soul, if you will. What’s best for me? And then think about each one of those ideas or go through your list and pay attention to how your body reacts.

So if your splenic, you’ll say, Which project is this one with this one? Is this project good? And you’ll get an immediate, ”Yes. No.” Okay, that one was a yes. Okay. I don’t even need to look at these others. This was a yes. So now then you can ask the next one.

You have sacral, you don’t want to say, which one do I want to do, because sacral is like, “I don’t know. You didn’t ask me a yes, no question!” So you ask your sacral is project A for me? Is it the best one for me? And then pay attention. Are you getting uh-huh, uh-uh? Then go through that until you get uh-huh.

Then you may want to sit with it for just a little bit. Is this really. uh-huh? Oh yeah. The more you think about it, the more excited you get. Oh yeah. This for me. Yeah, I. Oh, I’m already starting to get these great ideas. Oh, if this happened and then this happened, and Yeah. Wouldn’t that be fun to write? There’s your sacral coming into play.

If you’re emotional authority, sit with that and say which one am I feeling right now? Which one feels the best for me? There may be a few that it’s like, ugh nah. So you can forget about those and those that are like maybe they’re sounding kind of good, just sit with them that 24 to 48 hours and see which one keeps bubbling to the top.

And that’s for me. Which one is start getting excited about? Which one am I thinking more about? And ooh, which one’s right. Is this one right for me? Ooh, yeah, which one feels right? Yeah, this one.

If you have ego inner authority, get with your trusted friends, say, “Hey, I need to make this decision of what project to work on. I don’t need you to tell me what to do. I just need to be able to talk about each of these projects to see which one I want to work on.” And then talk about them.

And as you’re talking, which one is making you excited? Which one is the more you talk about it, the more certain you get that that’s the right one for you, and the more certain you get that this one isn’t right for you, right now.

For your ego authority, which one do I want to do? Oh, yeah, that’s the one I want to do.

Lunar authority, unfortunately, you’ll have to think about it and talk about it for 28 days and then make your decision then.


Practice Using Your Authority


To practice using your authority, just start paying attention to your body’s nudges of what is right for you as you move through the day.

We’re making hundreds of choices every day. I used the ice cream as an example because it’s an easy decision and that’s how we can practice is with our everyday, easy decisions. What do I want to eat for dinner? Start with that one. Pay attention to your body. Pay attention to what you’re vocalizing on how you need to do it on making those small decisions. And this will hone your ability to make the large decisions later.

We talked about using your authority in choosing a project that’s making a decision. As you’re writing, you can still use the same authority of which scene. What’s going on in this scene? Is this a good character or not a good character to include? You’re making decisions about your story all the time to where you can use your authority to determine what’s right for your story, because that story is you, an expression of you.

Or when you’re writing your book, your nonfiction book, what topic to include, what story to include. If you’re writing a memoir, what story to include. Do you need all of the characters that were there? Not necessarily. So which ones are the most important ones? Which stories are going to share your message the best?

Your mind can’t tell you that. Sorry, honey, it’s not going to happen. Your body can. And if you’re listening to your authority and using your authority, you can make the best decisions for your book. And your book will be much, much better for you doing that.

Same with writing fiction. Your story will be much, much better when you listen to your authority rather than your brain on Is this scene needed or isn’t it? Should the story go this direction or in that direction?




There’s choices all the time and our authority can help us make them and help us make our writing and our books much better if we use it. I hope this has been helpful for you. It’s one of the subjects I really like.

I offer human design readings for authors. That is a basic reading that tells you about your type, profile, your authority, and some things to be looking for to help you in your writing better. You can find out about that on my website Indie Author Biz Guide dot com forward slash HD.

And if you want to learn more about human design as a whole and to get your body graph, I highly recommend my friend Dana’s website Human Design Hive dot com. You can get your free body graph there and she also has a podcast by the same name Human Design Hive that you can go to. And there’s all sorts of information on there about human design, about profiles, about where it came from.

Hope this helps you in your author business and in making the decisions that are right for you and your writing and your business.

And many people, once they learn about Human Design, will go down a rabbit hole. You can thank me later. I hope to see you on the next podcast and hope you have an amazing day.

Thanks for listening to this episode of the Indie Author Biz Guide podcast. I hope you found value in it.

You can get your free business checklist, find more information, and any downloads mentioned at Indie Author Biz Guide dot com forward slash podcast.

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