Choose Your Next Project or Book Using Your Human Design 

Human Design is an amazing system for understanding yourself, your energy, and how you best make decisions. It allows for each person to be unique, while at the same time, knowing we’re all the same. This system has helped me tremendously not only in my personal life, but in my writing life.

Understanding your Human Design can help you with choosing the right project or story for you. By using your authority, you can listen to your body and energy. Our authority is located in different centers and can be found in your Human Design body graph. This is how we best make decisions in alignment with our design.

If you’re like me, you have more story or project ideas than you do time. Not all our ideas are ours, especially if we have open head and ajna centers. Our openness allows ideas to flow freely to us, without the filter of a defined gate.

Some of our ideas aren’t correct for us. They aren’t in alignment with our Mission Statements or they may take us down a tangent that may derail our writing career.

When we listen to, and follow, our authority, we are more likely to make better decisions that lead us to what’s right for us. Within the Human Design system, there are several distinct types of authority, or the way we make decisions. When we follow our authority, we make better decisions for ourselves.

The Human Design authority types are:

  • Spleenic authority: You’ll have a flash of “Yes! This is for me!” Or, “No, this isn’t for me.”
  • Sacral authority: You’ll have a sense of uh-huh (yes) or uh-uh (no) coming from your gut. You may even vocalize the sounds of uh-huh or uh-uh.
  • Emotional authority: You may feel a sense of whether it’s right or wrong for you, but there won’t be a certainty to it—yet. This is the time to step back, usually at least 24 hours, and just let it be. Then come back to it and feel into the question again. Is it still a “yes” or “no”? If so, then that is the right choice for you.
  • Ego authority: With this authority, look at your possible projects or stories. Which one do you want to do the most?
  • Self-Directed or Inner authority: In this case, you don’t know what you want or think until you talk it out. Either journal about what you want or find a trusted friend or confidante to listen to you. You’ll discover the answer to what is right for you as you talk it out.
  • Lunar authority: If you are a Reflector, this is your authority and strategy. Wait a lunar cycle before making your decision while the moon flows through each of the gates. Like the self-directed or inner authority, it’s helpful to have a trusted circle of friends to listen to you muse about what you want to do. This will give you the clarity you need of what is within you, and not what you are reacting to or being reflected in your environment.

When you are faced with having too many choices or unsure what project or story to work on next, I invite you to sit in contemplation or meditation. Ask yourself, your Inner Being, to show you what is best for you. Then think about your ideas, or go through your list, and pay attention to how your body reacts based on your authority. Use your Human Design authority to help you choose your next project or story!

Get your Free Human Design body graph to find out your Human Design and authority. To obtain your graph, you will need your birth time, date, and place.

If you’d like to learn more about your Human Design and how you can use it in your writing, book a Human Design for Authors reading with me.

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