Are You Pulling Your Hair Out

From Trying to Format Your Fiction Book?

Let’s face it, formatting your ebook for the various retailers like Amazon, Kobo, and Apple is time consuming, not to mention frustrating and stressful. Then add creating a properly formatted, font embedded pdf file for print on top of that, and you might wish you hadn’t written your beloved book.

But there is help!

I’m an Indie author and know from first-hand experience suffering through the difficulties of formatting my books for ebook and print using a Word document. While it can be done, it isn’t pretty nor easy.

I’ve since found software that makes formatting fun—at least for me! I love the creativity of formatting my books to look beautiful. I like finding the right icon to use as scene separators or as chapter headings, or for print books, the perfect font to reflect my story.

As a “wide” author, I have experience creating and uploading epub files to Amazon, Draft2Digital, and Bookfunnel, as well as pdf files for KDP Print and IngramSpark. I know what is required. I love helping other indie authors in their publishing journey. It’s so empowering to share your story with others and being an independent publisher and author.


Let me format your ebook and/or print book and save yourself some stress.

The epub file for your ebook can be uploaded to any of the retailers or aggregators (Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Draft2Digital) or even to Bookfunnel to sell on your website!

The print ready PDF file for your paperback can be used for KDP Print, IngramSpark, Lulu, Book Vault, or another printer of your choice.

You can be assured that your print book will be comparable with traditionally published books in your genre. You want your book to be perceived as professionally published and not DIY.

When someone picks up your book, we hope they can’t tell the difference between it and one published by one of the big publishing houses. We provide you with a choice of fonts chosen to fit your genre.

I format for all main publishing platforms.

Please note, this is for FICTION books, in any genre, formatting only. I don’t work on children’s books, cookbooks, memoirs, or nonfiction books.

You will need an edited, FINALIZED manuscript, preferably in .docx format. Formatting is one of the last things you do before you publish your book. If you are publishing a print book, you will need the formatted page count, including all front and back matter, for the spine width of your cover.


As an Indie author, I LOVE helping other Indies. I can’t wait to work with you!

Formatting Packages & Pricing


The price ranges given below are for between 20K – 250K words of FICTION.

The price depends on the number of words in your manuscript, including any appendixes, glossaries, what to read next, and excerpts.


Formatting packages include

  • Layout that matches books in your genre published by Traditional publishers. This is a big deal. You want your readers or potential bookstore buyers to be unable to differentiate your Indie book from a traditional one.
  • Professional fonts. I pay a subscription for the fonts I use, and they are licensed for commercial use.
  • Front and back matter, including Also By, About the Author, Review Ask, Copyright, Dedication, and Acknowledgement.
  • Five revisions. Revisions are changes to the formatting and layout, such as fonts, ornamental elements, and hyphenation. We want you to be happy with your book.
  • Up to 10 grammar and typos fixes for three months after the original formatting is delivered to you. After that, any changes will be an additional fee.

Turnaround of the first draft is 7-10 business days, depending on the size of your manuscript. I will keep you informed of the progress. This time is dependent on your quick response to any of my inquiries, especially in the initial stage, while we are determining the fonts and additional elements.

Add-on Services

We offer the following services you can add-on to your order.

Large-print format (either alone or as a package with ebook formatting), you can add a large print format. A large print book requires different fonts and font sizes than a normal paperback, and usually a larger trim size to accommodate the larger print.

Convert your ebook cover to a print wrap. If your cover design can’t or you’ve lost contact with them we create a wrap for you. The back cover and spine will be plain as we won’t have the files or licenses for the images used in the front cover. These can be formatted for either KDP Print, IngramSpark, or both. (They require different print cover files due to the paper they use.)

Adding pictures. We’ll add up to 5, in your book. This doesn’t include images for the headers or scene breaks, as these are included in your formatting package.

Expedite fee. Sometimes life gets in the way and we run out of time. If you need to receive your formatting in a quicker time frame than my normal 7-10 business days, you can request a faster turnaround. This does require an additional fee as I’ll have to move things around my schedule to accommodate you.

Series discount. If you have a series, we can discuss multiple book pricing.

Our Book Formatting Process

Step 1: Place an Order

Place an order by choosing the number of words in your project. Don’t forget to include any extras after “The End” such as appendixes, glossaries, what to read next, and excerpt.

Step 2: Make Payment

Make a secure payment through our website. Note: full payment is due before work begins, however, we offer a 100% refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Step 3: Send Your Manuscript and Details

After payment is made, I’ll send you a form to fill out with the pertinent details and choices available for your project along with a contract for services. The project will begin after you send me the information and your edited, FINALIZED manuscript.

Depending on the scope and size of your project, we may need to schedule a Zoom call to ensure we’re on the same page about your vision for your book.

Step 4: Receive Draft

Within 7-10 business days, you’ll receive a draft of the first 1-2 chapters for the print book for your approval of the font, ornamental elements, layout, etc.

Screenshots of the first 1-2 chapters of the ebook will be sent to you.

The price includes up to 5 revisions of the layout so we can get the book formatted the way you want. Please note, revisions are for the layout and formatting NOT for correction of grammar errors, typos, name changes, etc.

Once you approve the layout, I’ll format the remainder of your book.

Step 5: Receive Your Beautiful Ebook or Print

You’ll receive the final files and you’re set! You can upload the epub to the retailer(s) of your choice, and the print-ready .pdf file to KDP Print and/or IngramSpark.

My Book Formatting Service Are For You If:


  • You don’t like formatting your books
  • You’d rather spend your time writing than formatting your books
  • You write fiction (especially genre fiction)
    • Fantasy/Science Fiction (Adult or YA/NA)
    • Romance (any flavor or spiciness)
    • Thriller/Supernatural Thriller
    • Mystery/Cozy Mystery
    • And others


We Aren’t a Good Fit If You Write:

  • Nonfiction (I may add this later)
  • Christian fiction or nonfiction
  • Cookbooks
  • Memoirs
  • Children’s books
  • Hateful, racist, misogynist, anti-LBGQT+, white supremacist, etc.


What kind of books and genres do you format?

At this time, I only accept fiction. Nonfiction books are more complicated and require more work than fiction. I’m also a full-time author and need time for my own writing.

I don’t work on children’s books, Christian, illustrated books, cookbooks, memoirs, or nonfiction books.

As far as genre, I happily accept most types of fiction including erotica, occult, or LGBTQ+ fiction. I do, however, reserve the right to refuse a project if I deem it hateful, racist, illegal, or otherwise offensive.

What do you need from me to get started?

I will need a finalized, edited manuscript in Word .docx format, with the chapters clearly marked.

A jpg of the book cover is helpful to determine the tone of your book in selecting fonts, header/section break icons, and to create the title page.

If your graphic designer gave you a title page, please send it with your files.

Do you make book covers?

Not at this time. I can help you create a print cover from your ebook cover for an additional fee.

Do you check for spelling, typos, and grammar errors?

No. The manuscript you send me should be finalized, proofread, and edited. While I don’t look for errors, I may see them as I’m formatting and will inform you. I know mistakes happen though, and up to 10 typo corrections are included at no extra cost.

If you need to change any wording, character names, etc., it will be an additional fee and the time frame for completion will be extended.

What trim sizes do you offer for paperbacks?

Using the standard trim sizes of 6 x 9, 5.5 x 8.5, and 5 x 8, makes it easier for both of us and the packages are priced for these sizes.

Check with me about other sizes, and we can make arrangements to fit your needs.

Do you format large print?

Yes! When you place your order, choose large print as an addition to your package.

What if I have multiple books to format, such as a series?

I can do this! Contact me for a multiple book discount. I will need to know the number of books and word count for each book.

Can I choose my fonts?

For ebooks, fonts are determined by the ereader, and so aren’t an issue.

For print books, I provide you with a list of fonts for you to choose from that fit with your genre. These are professional licensed fonts that are good for chapter headings and the text body.

You want an easy-to-read font that won’t strain your readers eyes. When possible, I try to match the cover font for the chapter headings and running headers.

Hey, you’re a bit more expensive, what gives?

I am an Indie author. Working with me, you are getting my professional experience in what is needed and expected in today’s Indie publishing industry.

I’m publishing my own books, and so I keep up with the changes in the industry, such as .mobi files are no longer accepted by Amazon.

I’m based in the USA. Sometimes people find it difficult to work with people who aren’t native English speakers, especially when formatting English language books.

You worked hard on your book. Doesn’t it deserve the best?