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I share my thoughts on building your author business, writing life and tips, and inspiration, as well as general musings.

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Author Business

Did You Self-Publish a Book? You Have a Business!

There’s more to being an author than writing and publishing your books. As a business owner, you need to learn what how to manage your business

Author Busines Success Top 10

There are many things you need in your author business for it to be successful. It can be daunting to think about putting everything needed into place when you start your business.

Select vs Wide

As an indie, or self-published author, you have the choice of how you distribute your books. For ebooks, there are two fundamental, non-mutual choices.

Writing Life & Tips

New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

Do this when you make your resolutions this year to ensure you make lasting change.

Choose Your Next Project Using Your Human Design

Human Design is an amazing system for understanding yourself, your energy, and how you best make decisions.

Planners and Goal Setting for Authors

In our quest as authors to be more productive and to meet our goals, we search for the perfect planner to help us be more productive and achieve our goals.

Writing Inspiration & Musings

Your Story is Important!

I believe women have deep, powerful wisdom to share and our voices need to be heard.

Book Banning Concerns

I must speak up against a disturbing trend in the US: book banning. As an author, this affects my livelihood and my creativity.

Indie Author Biz Tips

Many times, we are only concerned with getting our book or story published. We don’t think about the ramifications of when we actually start selling them.

Hopefully, you’ve taken the first step in treating your writing as a business and filed the legal paperwork to create a business (Biz Tip #1). The next step is to separate your personal and business money.

When you are a solopreneuer, or in our case an authorpreneur, quite often we work wherever we happen to be. I’ve learned from my past experience, this may be great for creativity, but not necessarily good for your business.

Treating your writing and publishing as a business includes making sure you have complete control over your intellectual property. One way to do this is to purchase and use your own ISBNs for your books. This establishes YOU as the publisher.

In almost every book and course on business principles and starting your business, they talk about the importance of writing a mission statement. Almost every big business has one for good reason. A mission statement focuses everyone involved in the business on what is important to the business and its core values.