You Need a Plan


If you’re like many authors, you started out with a simple dream to publish the story or book in your heart.

There are so many moving pieces and decisions to be made in an author’s business. It can be daunting to keep track of them all. Sometimes, writing our books is the easiest part!

It makes sense to you to indie or self-publish your book. Why give up your valuable intellectual property—and control of your artistic endeavor—to someone who doesn’t care about your book like you do? Especially, when in today’s publishing world, if you’re not a big hitter, you’ll end up paying for quite a bit of the marketing and advertising yourself.

But you didn’t realize you were also creating a business. Most often, you haven’t had any business experience or training.

You’re getting by in your business by the seat of your pants, in a rickety boat full of holes. It’s almost all you can do to keep ahead of everything that gets slammed onto you.

It feels like you’re in a storm and rocks are all around you. You may wish you had some guidance or a plan to follow and give you direction.

Trust someone with both publishing

AND business experience!


As an indie author, I’ve traversed the publishing world and figured it out. So far, I’ve published 7 books, with two more coming out soon.

Combined with my 25+ years of experience working with small businesses, including being a CFO of a multi-million, multi-national company, I know what you need to treat your writing as a business, manage your money, and use your accounting data to make better decisions.

I’ve used these same tools and pricinciples in my own indie author business.

Have any of these questions bogged you down in publishing your book?

  • I have to have a cover that matches my genre?
  • You mean I have to write the book description/blurb? How do I condense my 150,000 word epic fantasy into 250 words??
  • I can’t just list it on Amazon and people will come running to buy it?
  • What’s the difference between Amazon Kindle Select and going wide?
  • How do I publish my book on Amazon and the other sites?
  • What file formats do I need and how do I get my book into them?


These are they types of questions and more that we’ll examine together during your Business Plan for Authors Done-in-a-Day VIP session.

Creating a business plan can give you the roadmap of where you want your business to be in the next year or more.

In this intensive day, we’ll go through your business and the decisions you need to make for it to grow as you desire.

We’ll document these decisions, and by the end of the day, you’ll have a working business plan. There may still be decisions you’ll have to make after the intensive, such as researching and finding an editor. However, you’ll receive a detailed list of items you need to focus on and an action strategy rather than stabbing in the dark as issues arise.

We’ll bounce ideas around to find the best course of action or decision for you and your business.

We can go over your current plan and make changes, or develop a completely new plan.

My Done-in-a-Day VIP Days Are a Good Fit If:


  • You want to fast-track your author business
  • You’ve written your book and don’t know what to do next to Indie publish it
  • You’ve published one or more books and what to improve your author business
  • You write fiction (especially genre fiction)
    • Fantasy/Science Fiction (Adult or YA/NA)
    • Romance (any flavor or spiciness)
    • Thriller/Supernatural Thriller
    • Mystery/Cozy Mystery
    • And others
  • You write nonfiction
    • Self-help/Transformation
    • Spirituality
    • Occult/Paganism/Wicca
    • And others

I love working with nonfiction authors, especially women, in the occult/pagan communities, coaches/guides, healers, thought leaders, creatives, and mystics. I believe you have wisdom to share in your books and stories, and I want to help you do that as an independent publisher.


My Done-in-a-Day VIP Days are NOT a fit if you write:


  • Christian fiction or nonfiction
  • Memoirs
  • Children’s books
  • Hateful, racist, misogynist, anti-LBGQT+, white supremacist, etc.