There’s so much to consider and do when creating and growing an author business.

If you only think about your business when problems or issues arise, then you’re reacting rather than being proactive. Planning ahead can make your business run more smoothly.

Sometimes, you need to talk with a fellow author and business consultant to figure out what is best for you, or you’re confused and don’t know where to start.

I offer several ways to help you in your author business.

I combine my experience of being an indie author with my 25+ years of experience working with small businesses as a CPA and CFO to help my fellow indie authors.

Author Business Coaching and More

  My Story

I love being an indie author and the freedom it gives me. I love telling my weird, genre-bending stories, AND writing about the indie publishing industry. It is so empowering to be in control of my intellectual property, to decide what I want in my business, and how I want to present my creativity to the world.

I want to share this love and passion with other writers.

I’m embracing my past career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). I spent over 25 years working with small businesses, helping them develop, set up, and run their businesses more successfully. This experience, combined with publishing my own books, gives me the expertise to guide you in creating a strong foundation for your author business.

I am also passionate about empowering women to speak their truth, be heard and seen, and to share their stories, wisdom, and experiences. In the past, I thought to do this I needed to publish other women’s books. But since the independent publishing revolution, I can fulfill this passion by helping women publish the books they hold dear in their hearts and souls.


Your stories need to be written and published! The wisdom you hold within your blood and bones needs to be shared. The world needs to hear our perspective. Your light is needed to sweep away the darkness of patriarchy.

We don’t need another gatekeeper to tell us our stories and books aren’t valid or valuable, or the way we tell those stories isn’t wanted. This is what traditional publishers do. When you are an Indie publisher, YOU decide what stories you tell and the perspective you write them from. And you allow the READERS to determine if they want the story.

We each have a unique voice, an original story, or deep wisdom. There ARE people we are meant to touch, to entertain, or to transform through our words. Don’t let fear stop you any longer. Don’t let the unknown journey freeze you.

I have a glowing lantern, high on the bluff, guiding you through the stormy, rocky waters of the business and tech of the indie publishing industry. I can guide you to the safe harbor of a solid foundation for your writing career and business. ‘

On the other side of fear is freedom. The freedom that comes from being and living in your truth, of sharing what burns in your heart and soul, and being in control of your life.

I’d love to work with you in developing or building your author business! Sign up today for a free consultant call to discover if we are a good fit.