About Tora

Tora Moon combines her experience as a fantasy author and a former CPA. She guides Indie Authorpreneurs through the rocky shores of the independent publishing industry for their writing business to succeed.

Tora spent over 25 years working as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and served many clients as their Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She worked with numerous companies setting up their accounting systems and managing their business. For five years, she served as the CFO for a multinational, multi-million dollar, software development company.

She has worked with many publicly held companies to put their books in order for their financial audits, written their financial statements, and filed their quarterly and annual statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Tora Moon writes genre-bending fantasy and sci-fi fiction.

Her complete series, Legends of Lairheim, is an epic, science fantasy with a twist of an alien invasion, and instead of dragons, it has gryphons.

Her newest series, Sentinel Witches, is a dark, edgy urban fantasy where witches fight demons to keep humanity from being enslaved. The first book, Crossroads to Destiny, is out now.

She also writes nonfiction in her Indie Author Guide series which are easy-to understand guides for new and experienced authors in navigating the business side of independent publishing. As a full-time author, she knows what it takes to be an Indie Authorpreneur.

You can find out more about her books, and buy them, on her author website.